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2015 Chinese Stone Industry Development Report

Published£º 2015-4-17

In 2015, a year is essential, is to strive to achieve the goal of "Twelfth Five Year Plan", "Thirteen Five Plan" a crucial year for the implementation of a solid foundation. Outlook 2015, the world economy will continue a slow recovery trend, the overall economic performance will be better than in 2014. Among them, American will still maintain a strong recovery trend, the developedcountries and emerging market economies are expected to increase infrastructure investment. At the same time, along with Japan and the euro areacountries to adopt a more aggressive monetary policy, and the strength of the dollar, increased global exchange rate fluctuations; the turmoil in the Middle East and Ukraine crisis will continue to affect the development of regionaleconomy and trade.

In 2015, China economic growth will be a reasonable interval to run in the new normal, will continue to deepen the reform, industrial structure and consumption structure will continue to optimize the investment. According to the releaseChinese Academy of Social Sciences in 2015 "economic Blue Book: Chineseeconomic analysis and forecast", is expected in 2015, Chinese GDP growth of around 7%, the fixed asset investment will reach 59.4 yuan, nominal growth of 14.7%, the growth rate fell further in 2014; considering the factors of domestic and external demand and commodity prices, is expected to export in 2015 andimports grew by 6.9% and 4.6% respectively.

China is from "world export giant factory" to "world market" changes. A correct understanding of the new normal for China's economic development, adapt to changes in market demand, the enterprise is an urgent task facing stone. The next period of time, the development trend of the stone business will follow theproduction transfer, industrial restructuring, industrial upgrading, grasp andseize the country's western development, the rise of central China, the revitalization of the northeast, east to the overall regional development strategyand "along the way", the coordinated development of Beijing Tianjin Hebei,Yangtze River Economic Belt strategy to bring to market three the opportunity,actively adapt to changes in the market, in order to improve the quality andefficiency as the center, highlight the innovation driven, and gradually realizethe adjustment of product structure, management pattern, marketing patternadjustment and personnel quality improvement, change from relying oninvestment led to consumption driven tooling market Jiezhuang market.

Accordingly, we expect that, in 2015, the transformation and upgrading of the stone industry will further accelerate, stone industry will continue to maintain a steady growth rate will continue to decline. Marble, granite plate above the scale of production of stone enterprises, the main business income of profit growth of 10% over the previous year. With more and more investment into the stone industry and the upgrading of existing enterprises, manufacturing investment will maintain rapid growth. Stone import and export will continue to maintain growth,the growth rate is expected at around 3%.

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